I received the following very hot (in more ways than one) info from an undisclosed source regarding the Colorado fires, in response to my previous post on Colorado Fires saying that intuitvely I sensed these were not natural:

….one of the [individuals identity hidden to protect them] said he was suppose to go to Colorado Springs for a gathering with colleagues when he got a call from them saying not to come they were being evacuated.  He went on to state that these two colleagues were hiking around the area when they witnessed two men with rifles and a propane tank in which they proceeded to fire at.  Of course it caused a huge explosion and that’s what started the fire.

I don’t know if they could identify these 2 men, I didn’t ask and he didn’t say.

But I had to ask myself this:  WHO needed 20,000 people evacuated and WHY?  WHY did they need those homes gone?  Homes that in no way will be rebuilt before the Pole-Shift?


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