With some obvious trepidation, Gordon Duff draws your attention to Phil Schneider, who will be known as an American Hero sometime in the future by the mainstream but is a hero now to those of us in the know.

So why is the fear so palpable here with Duff talking about the forbidden subject of IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS some of which are ours and others belong to a variety of “visitors”.  This should tell you something.  This is a guy who will wax eloquent about all kinds of secret info such as the real happenings on 911, the Kennedy assasination and more… Yet when it comes to the VISITORS… and what’s really going on he’s scared to death to be discussing it (that is taking it seriously and revealing what he knows).  THINK about this.  Because this tells you the level of courage it takes for whistleblowers to come forward at this time.  There is a war going on in your skies.  

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