For an agency credited with some of the most incredible technological innovations in human history, the revelation that two more powerful Hubbles even existed must have been a complete shock, especially considering that the Bush administration less than a decade ago almost cut NASA’s funds for a crucial Hubble repair missiion. 

Then they really dropped the bomb: Since the Pentagon never got around to using the telescopes, they figured NASA might be just the place to offload the old hardware.

Wow, I had no idea NASA with her fleet of world class scientists and engineers not only couldn’t afford a decent telescope (nor could they build one). But instead they have to rely on THE PENTAGON hand-me-downs, several years old in order to ‘scan the sky’.  


Not to mention, that this ludicrous article PLANTED as it is appears to be a build up toward a disclousre whereupon no doubt NASA will “suddenly” now be able to SEE PLANTE X / THE DARK STAR / SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES in the sky whereas in the past they certainly couldn’t do so because they didn’t have the several years old telescrope from the PENTAGON (their wealthy cousins)…

Thank God or I mean “the Pentagon”.  Now we can all sleep at night.  What with Hubble supposedly no longer operational.  Right.


Gimme a break.

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