I have been contacted behind the scenes by various people who might be in positions to help Bill Brockbrader with his case.

In the hope that open disclosure will not only help him but all those on both sides of this question, regarding what went on with respect to Brockbrader and Camelot and where things stand at the moment I am posting a copy of a letter that I sent to someone who made such an offer.

Thank you for writing to me with your offer to help Bill Brockbrader.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel that it is possible to advise you to get involved in this.  I cannot advise you for or against at this time, in other words.  It must be your own decision.


At this point the story has become so convoluted that there is some possibility (if you trace all the clues back) that he was originally sent in as a “whistleblower” to deceive and take down Project Camelot due to his questionable past.


Regardless I believe this back-fired on them when his testimony (the part of which is truthful about the act of valor deflecting the missile in my view) resonated with such a large group of people along with his message of hope with regard to 2012 and the converging timelines theory.


Unfortunately, it appeared (at least in one possible scenario) that he has subsequently been interfered with  and quite possibly re-programmed to turn against Camelot publicly.  Or possibly that was the plan all along of the “puppet masters”.  There are some who feel his taste of sudden fame went to his head and he became desperate when he discovered he had lost his audience.  Regardless it is, as I said, now a very convoluted situation.  


This gets into what it means to be a whistleblower and what we are dealing with in these types of situations.  And the bottom line is that they are individuals who have been heavily programmed by the military machine in addition to whatever programming they received as children in a society where the TV and organized religion and education are already instruments of mass mind control.  The question is, once this breakdown of personality structure has occurred (a common approach in Illuminati programming of their children see Svali testimony for more on this), can they ever escape it and is their mind ever their own?  These are the questions we must ask.


I would say they can and they do make their way back, eventually breaking through programming because human beings are so inherently gifted that they will ultimately triumph over these tactics however not without great strides in personal growth and raising their frequency along with a dedication to truth on all levels.


My take on the charges of his being a “sex offender” is as follows:  It was trumped up as initially it happened when he was in his twenties and the girl and her parents never pressed charges at the time.  It happened, as I recall in San Diego area.  The military went out and re-earthed this info then charged him later when he had become a “disciplinary problem” due to his act of valor in deflecting the 2nd missile aimed at the Iraqi town.  This kind of coercive maneuver is typical of the military when wanting to control a soldier.  And this was covered in my initial interview with him.


Whereas, the charges are bogus, the “registering as a  sex offender” was another coercive step in keeping tabs and control over Brockbrader in a more subtle mental way that is used no doubt to demean him and keep him from doing anything else “outside the box”.   And see the attached document which is what he was arrested on this time around.


This is about all the background I can give you and it is up to you if you want to become involved in this situation.  I am sure he can use some help.  However I cannot vouch for his character in this case because of what I have experienced with respect to his verbal attacks on Camelot since the interview on various unnamed radio shows.  It is important to keep in mind, that, as he testified on camera for Camelot, he was held and mind controlled for six months prior to a sudden (and unexpected release) from military prison.  


What this indicates to me is that he was likely programmed as a sort of manchurian candidate… where all it takes is a phone call and a certain number of words or codes in order to trigger him to perform in whatever way they choose.  In a sense, his mind is no longer his own.  He has no doubt worked to turn all this around and his testimony on record for Camelot worked very well for him in this regard.  However, due to his interaction with a certain person and group that has a substantial history with MK Ultra after the interview, I have to say it is entirely likely that even this step is somehow part of a larger scenario.  I do not mean to sound diabolical but if you follow the clues they certainly lead in this direction.  The trouble is, all of this is nearly impossible to prove or disprove.


Obviously, this does not mean he shouldn’t be cleared of the “sex offender” charges.  He should.  And this would at least allow him to live a life relatively more free at least in the sense that anyone is “free” in this country at this time.


Note:  I will post this letter on my blog so others in your position can decide what they wish to do with hopefully some added insight into what went on….

Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

May 29, 2012