Just returned from hiking in Mammoth which was beautiful and freezing!!  Just my luck it is warming up later this week.  

I heard the news about Bill Brockbrader’s arrest and turning himself in to face and clear himself of charges.  At least that is what this article says from Steve Beckow.

Bill said that it was a choice that he made to stay and fight the charges against him or flee, live underground and continue reporting. He made the choice to fight the charges.

I have not seen the video and don’t know if this is accurate or not.  Based on my prior knowledge I assume it has to do with the “statutory rape charges” and NOT to do with talking about “mass arrests”.  Especially since he ‘turned himself in’.  

Bill reports that he was found innocent of the charge against him in state court and now plans to establish his innocence in federal court.

It is important that people not be misled into thinking that talking about “mass arrests” gets anyone “arrested”… That would make this country a police state and I don’t think we are quite there yet although certainly moving in that direction.

Regarding the statements of the “Former White Hat”… posted here, these are untrue, to my knowledge.

This statement is also false, although I am sure they would like to have it be true…

Some will say this is all a warning to others out there who are thinking of whistleblowing, to stop Kerry Cassidy from interviewing whistleblowers, etc., and they will be right too: that is what some of this is about.

The fact is, (correction:  with the possible exception of Drake…are “white hats”… or whistleblowers… (I could say more but that should cover it).  

Keep in mind FWH (Former White Hat) is spoofing this sector and does this with a purpose in mind.

Additional note:  No doubt the government wants to keep Brockbrader on the run (mentally) and in a state of fear.  This suits their purpose.  I stand by my original interview of him.  I do not however appreciate the lies and fabrications he has felt compelled to tell about me or Camelot since then.  Although I totally get that he is being mind controlled along with several others that shall remain unnamed.

It also makes total sense that Brockbrader would wish to face charges and get his name cleared once and for all.  From what I know, he has a good case and should be successful at this assuming the PTB don’t continue to twist the law to keep the manacles on him (mentally/emotionally).