ed laughrin

I am very sorry to report that the Camelot witness, Ed Laughrin has died suddenly of a heart attack.  Apparently, he died on May 3rd.  This has been reported to me tonight from Stew Webb who was in fairly regular communication with him.  

He was contacted by Ed’s wife who said that Ed had received a threat over the phone, threatening him and his wife. and shortly after that had a massive heart attack.  She called Stew tonight to give him the news.

Stew is looking into the situation.  He said that Ed’s wife is not staying at the house at this time as she does not feel safe there.

Please join me in sending loving energy and thanks to this brave man, who toward the end of his life came forward to give evidence on the ballistics of the Kennedy assassination and was also investigating other situations that he found suspicious. 

Ed was a profoundly principled man and an American patriot who dedicated his life to his country.  He had a great admiration for John Kennedy and wanted to see the truth come out about the assasination as well as many other matters.

ed laughrin

For those that would like to listen to the interview here is the link.

Thank you Ed for your service to humanity.

I will post updates to this story as they are received.



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