February 10, 2012



It is amazing to me that putting our lives on the line for our whistleblowers to get the truth out to the people sometimes ends up with them turning on us and telling lies.  The dynamic of what went on with Bill Brockbrader/Wood is a case in point.  He is not the first one… yes Pete Peterson did as well.

While I am happy to hear he has found another outlet for his ideas… the following information must be clearly made public.  

1.  I did not call David Wilcock in distress over someone unearthing his "channeling"… this is not only not surprising to me but as a matter of fact it is my observation that almost without exception our witnesses; researchers and whistleblowers all end up "channeling" some more than others.  I have stated this publicly in my Sedona Presentation a year or two ago and others.

2.  Pete Peterson has held a grudge and has been working hard to turn a certain person against us for a while now.  What actually happened… and I have a witness, both Bill Ryan and I were involved in that interview process. We waited a month for his PENTAGON SOURCES to VET THE INTERVIEW… Finally he gave us the ok on the phone.  We posted it to youtube and then several hours later he called and wanted it taken down and changed.  At that point it was too late.  People had already seen it and downloaded it.  Anything taken out at that point would simply make it go even more viral.  Be aware:  He doth protest too much..now as he did then.. I didn't hold a gun to his head and I didn't give him drugs, torture or mind control.. something he knows a LOT ABOUT.  And yes I could get killed, as he said several times for saying so… 

What he and BILL BROCKBRADER and anyone else out there needs to know is WE ARE FREE as interviewers to ask whatever questions we choose.  Just as the whistleblower is FREE to take the 5th and not answer.   He's a big strong man… I don't think he was afraid of me but then again you never know.  There was nothing to take out there because he never admitted anything.  He simply got a lot of flak from his PENTAGON HANDLERS (along with some possible rewiring) and this made him uncomfortable… 

3.  Regarding Bill Brockbrader — the only thing I asked after consulting a lawyer… because originally he had said he was going to release NAMES and EVIDENCE that would as he said "shut the SEALS up"…etc.  I simply said we don't want to get caught up in useless lawsuits for slander etc so please ONLY USE first and last initials or ROLES… FOR EXAMPLE I said.. if it's a Police Chief say that.. do not use names… and then put the evidence which presumably would have the names on a site we can link to. … Why he would choose to lie about this now is something only his handler can say for sure…

4. Regarding spiritual matters… If you pay attention, on my first interview and on the second Livestream with David Wilcock and Bill Ryan .. we delved into Looking Glass, the timeline convergence and so on.  He had plenty of time to speak about this and answer questions and he did so…  I am a HIGHLY SPIRITUAL PERSON… that is why I do what I do… And why I don't lie about anything.  Unlike some people.  

What I don't care to do is give a whistleblower a platform to repeat himself over and over again or spout rhetoric and philosophy for hours on end.  The 3rd Livestream was hugely problematic… And it is public record.  Judge for yourself.