January 6, 2012

Hijacking the Fed

According to a source certain parties attempted to hijack the Fed a day or two ago… Apparently they were trying to move some derivatives through the system from what I hear. This was unsuccessful…. developing story. Feel free to contact me and let me know if you heard anything about this in more detail!

Camelot TV Show on TRU TV – Pilot Episode "Shadow Operations" Pushed from Schedule Again!!!

Originally slated to air in February our show has now been pushed once again off the schedule for some unknown reason… We urge those interested to write to Tru TV and demand that this show be aired!!! Considering how many of our whistleblowers are in the show… we understand their trepidation… yes it's disclosure in a box for all intents and purposes but why not, after all it's 2012 and all bets are off as they say.

Civil War in the US? Preparations for Something Coming…

Without going into too much detail suffice to say I have been having interesting conversations with individuals who are very close to the ground with respect to military and officers from various alphabet agencies who are preparing very seriously for something…. Among other preparations they are brushing up on combat and defensive measures here within the borders of the US. Some of these types are saying something is up and they are setting about preparing for their families for the very near future. The future is now…