This incident brings to mind the shooter in Norway not long ago as well as Whitley Strieber's book called "The Grays". The high liklihood that this person is another one of their 'experiments' in psychosis is blatant….

A source wrote:

…"I was sitting in a coffee house blocks away from this when it went down. I heard the shots, heard the cop cars and saw the helicopters swarm.

I read this later in the day and have yet to see anyone else in the media repeat it or bring it up.

"Alligood described Brehm as a "humanitarian," and someone who was "extremely motivated to change the world for the better." He even managed a non-profit organization for a friend, she said, but would not name the organization.

She said Brehm was "really stressed out lately."

He met a woman he thought was a pharmaceutical saleswoman, who had given him some kind of pills, Alligood said. He began taking the pills, which was alarming because he never took "hard" drugs before.

"He was very anti-pharmaceutical," Alligood said.

After Brehm met the woman — who Alligood would not name — he was never the same."

Say what?" — a source,0,484627.story