October 31, 2011

Latest White Hat Report

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"…As an example of Bush Senior’s control, as we have viewed from recent European Union events, we are very concerned that the present actions of Chancellor Merkel may possibly reveal that Bush Senior or his co-conspirators may be bribing or threatening Merkel if she does not prevent or derail by any means a solution to the European financial crisis. Remember the Cabal's new world order can only succeed with the failure of the global financial system."

My direct contact with this group has dropped for some unknown reason. However, the reports are recommended and continue to contain important information regarding financial dealings going on behind the scenes…

For more on my views regarding these reports see my Articles section of this site…

Meeting with Ashayana Deane and Group

Later today I plan to meet with the inner circle to stress the importance of making the Guardian material more accessible to the people.

For the record, this information contains a great deal of solid information but I suggest a two-way open communication with the Guardians must go both ways… Humanity is sovereign and as such must weigh in with their feedback on the the ways and means by which info reaches them.

Word on the Street

According to a source the move to escalate the financial downturn is proceeding and will likely include more acts of war in coming months. According to one unnamed source at least 5 countries will be scenes of renewed efforts on the part of the US and international troops to cause further havoc.

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Occupy Oakland video

Occupy Oakland War Zone…

OPD uses Tear gas, Flash bangs, Bean bag rounds & Rubber bullets against protesters at Occupy Oakland.

Notice (1) the protester in the wheelchair stuck in the middle of this war zone and (2) protesters attempting to assist someone who was wounded on the ground that required medical attention, as these shameful cops toss a flash bang to disrupt those helping to remove this casualty from the scene.


–sent to me by a source