October 19, 2011

INDIA with Ashayana Deane and Group

So far this is a fascinating trip and one where we go from temple to sacred place and work on the grid. Because we are going to places most tourists don’t go we get to interact with the people and walk in the streets experiencing the real India close up.

I am having visions of Atlantis here and the society that came much earlier than the India we currently see… I am seeing Blue beings perhaps sirian and others occupying this land. There is a great sorrow that pervades the landscape as well as a brilliant resilance and courage exhibited daily by those who live here. The garbage that lines the streets in Dehli are a reminder of a broken promise to the people by those in power at the time who dominated them with their high technology and prowess. The spirit of the people is profound and their will to freedom will not be swayed.

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