October 2, 2011

Still waiting for our CONFERENCE STREAMS to load from Indigo TV

We expect to have this available no later than Monday.

We apologize for the delay!!

The Truth About Libya

click here to view this important video (this video was removed a few hours after I posted it here by Vimeo stating there is some violation of copyright etc. According to Michels.tv this is clearly an attack as a result of Camelot focus!

The invasion of Libya is undoubtably a suppression and takeover exercise. That much is clear. Whereas there may be other sides to this story there is no doubt the NWO is seeking to bring this country into its control but there is also a strong indication that there is more to this than is being revealed. Any whistlblowers who believe they have the deeper truth of what NATO is looking for (besides wealth and oil and the obvious) please contact me atkerry@projectcamelotportal.com

UFO Documentary for Friends and Family

This UFO documentary is fairly comprehensive in covering the story from Roswell on. Whereas, it leaves out much of the more sophisticated knowledge about the visitors and the ongoing secret space program as well as the story before Roswell, it can be quite useful for giving people new to the subject a good, though simplistic, history of the subject.

It is also winner of the EBE award from the International UFO Congress (a yearly conference now held in Phoenix, Arizona).

click here to view