September 20, 2011

Awake and Aware 2011 – singer/songwriter or musician for Live music Saturday night needed

We have a band to play the Friday night but now need a musician (with their own set up and equipment) to play the Saturday night from approx. 10pm to 12 midnight. Due to discussions taking place in the same room must be cool with providing background rather than out and out performance.

Please contact us at if you are interested.


Saudia Arabia – Palestine’s vote for Statehood/ Obama in Denver Sept 27

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This article outlines the upcoming Saudi-US rift over Palestinian Statehood. Along these lines and incorporating more elements on the current scene, this video alludes to Obama’s visit to Denver and other details some of which are accurate. However, the overall info is unsubstantiated at this time. Still it is worth noting and becoming aware that if this video’s attempt to connect the dots, while flawed and perhaps misleading in certain respects one can see this as the kind of exercise necessary to put the elements together into a meaningful whole. Again, some of this video is likely inaccurate but there are elements of truth mixed in such as the article cited above which gives validity to the Saudi-US strained relations that could be the result of the US exercising its veto in the UN vote.

Note: Fulford and Wilcock apparently both believe this version of the nuke under Colorado that stimulated the recent Virgina quake. However my info from a source posted here several days ago indicates the nuke may have been planted by our military as part of a test to displace the plates in preparation for the passage of an incoming body (such as the brown dwarf) or other. None of this can be substantiated at this time. I post this and other info not because it is true necessarily but because it may contain elements of truth which when viewed together may create a picture of what is going on and what might be planned. Keep in mind that regardless the info that comes to the surface in these cases may be more aimed at misleading than bringing any kind of clarity as to the Big Picture. Watch, look and listen and perhaps a cohesive picture will emerge. For more on Viktor Bout go here to my earlier investigation into his role in 911 if any…

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Last night: Kerry on OtherWorld Radio/ blogtalkradio with Sandra Sabatini

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NASA – Cities on the Moon – some of the things they don’t tell you

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This is a good brief itemization and description of the some of the evidence being kept from the public.