September 2, 2011


According to a source in fact, Elenin has been split in two… the videos showing the hit are correct but the hit came from a ship. Why they split it is unclear although the dangerous out-gassing was mentioned.

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The video containing the warning sound from Antarctica… and the one that appeared to come from Elenin…They were saying ‘stay clear’ in another frequency.

This source also says the brown dwarf is about 38 days behind Elenin… And there are planets circulating around the brown dwarf… a mini solar system if you will.

They also suggested that there may be an effort to affect the dwarf or it’s accompanying planets so they don’t rock our planet so much…

This info is in contradiction to all of Hoagland’s info and other info I have received. However this may actually be correct.

911… music! by Martin Noakes

When all else fails… we can make art and tell the truth. Well done!!

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