August 25, 2011 Update!

There are no Coincidences!

If you think the fact my Livestream channel is locked and Dutch is supposedly in the hospital for a job injury is a real coincidence you better think again. There are no coincidences. This is no accident that on the day we promised a week ago that we would convene to provide an update on livestream we are both unable to do so…


Strange Goings on at Dutch’s Website

According to a source…the following is paraphrased…

“Just in case you are not aware of some strange goings on at his web site. Some in the chat complained of being harrased via untraceable phone and being made aware that they have personal info (for example provided sin# in one case observed), very strange. In other words people going there are being traced.

I have no idea what dutch has stumbled onto, but its obviosly made them nervous about what he might know. “

My advice is keep going there in fact flood that site… so they can’t handle it. They already know we are aware. The fact is, together we stand.

I will tell you one thing, the info of volcanism along the California coast is right on.

Battle for the California Desert: Why are these homeowners being harrassed?

Are they worried their underground base might be discovered?

Please make this youtube video go viral… something is up…

click here to view

NEW material added to JAMES CASBOLT: PROJECT IBIS… Heather weighs in…



I have been unable to get in touch with Dutch and therefore we will not be able to do the update previously promised today. I have left word via phone and email and hope to be able to reschedule the update shortly. Update: yes I heard what he wrote on his site.. thanks.