August 14, 2011

From another source “there will be no forward announcement of any event”

This from a very trusted source and should be taken to heart….

Source Contests Space Command witness report

“I just read your post on the Space Command, and I am sure he is either crazy or disinformation agent. Surely, Elenin is not a doomsday asteroid, but something extraordinary “are” accompanying it. However, some big guys in my country are concerned their arrival is NOT friendly. US military already was asking us to track it with other countries, as I have mentioned.

When Elenin is approaching, there are more bizarre news coming from around the world, like economic collapse of certain countries, regional wars, riots, etc. “– a source

Very Special Thanks to David Icke

For the loving gesture with regard to Bill Ryan and the Awakening the World heart focus event today. And many thanks also to the people who participated.