July 22, 2011

Never a dull minute

We concluded the James Bond is Real 3 hour video conference. We were directly affected by the so-called ‘terrorist’ situation in Norway because as a result of that Tommy couldn’t host the conference using his work T1 line and so I had to run it from my computer. A third of the way through we were thrown off the air for about 30 mins… but we got back on and continued.

The conference also covered the mind control aspect of agenting… How Ian Fleming was aware of the mind control and was quite possibly put in such a state in order to carry out what was probably the rescue/escape of Hitler to Spain. It covered the base in Antarctica, the Hitler doubles and much more… not to be missed. Great information and stellar researchers.

The post conference stream is now available for purchase. In the next few days we will move it off of Livestream (due to cost) and put it on our own password protected server. At that time we will change the pw and let everyone know who purchased it both Live and post conference.

For the Record – Manchurian Candidate in Norway Shooting — False flag warning re Libya or IMF

Preliminary indications are that the Norway shootings were carried out by one or more mind controlled assassins as reprisal against moves Norway may have been making to operate outside the IMF and back away from the European union…. There may also be a false flag element aimed at raising support for the joint campaign against Libya that has been fast losing the support of many European countries. All of this was discussed on James Bond is Real…


This will be a groundbreaking event. Never before have these researchers come together in a live public forum to discuss their findings. Join us!