May 25, 2011

Awareness of 4D & tonight’s Camelot Radio show guest – Kim Carlsberg

Tonight on Camelot Whistleblower Radio my guest was Kim Carlsberg, author of “The Art of Close Encounters”. This was an exciting and informative show and I encourage everyone to listen to the archived show – click here.

After the show, one person wrote to me asking about how 4D is becoming more accessible in our world. I thought my answer might be of interest to others so I am posting it here:

Sensing and seeing 4D is simply being able to do the following:

1. Sense or see auras around people, plants, animals, buildings etc

2. Seeing or sensing ghosts, ETs, or other beings such as light beings

3. Seeing or sensing the ether / information field all around us… and seeing how “alive it is” something like a soup of light and shadow

4. Seeing or sensing ufos, craft and consciousness in the night sky

5. Feeling/sensing/seeing vortexes, wormholes/stargates or other areas of high energetics

6. Having sensation of unlimited power and potential beyond the everyday 3D body… such as being able to do things previously considered impossible

7. Telepathically receiving or sending data

Those are a few….

Go to this page for the Whistleblower Radio Show links.


Elenin vs. Brown Dwarf – Andy Lloyd author of “Dark Star” weighs in…

There is a great deal of confusion regarding Elenin vs. the Brown Dwarf. I wrote to him and asked him to clarify:

“…sure, Kerry. I agree with you – people are excited about the hype over the alleged arrival of Planet X, and jumping to conclusions about a simple comet that, itself, is unspectacular. Let me lay out what a multi-Jupiter mass brown dwarf would look like right now if it was as close as is being speculated by many (i.e. that it’s actually comet Elenin). 

This Dark Star would appear in the night sky as a red/magenta planet about the same size as Jupiter. In other words, it would be one of the brightest objects in the night sky, very probably brighter than Venus. In addition, I believe that it would have a visible aura, or tail, that would be rather spectacular. That fiery aura would extend out from the planet itself by some considerable degree, possibly extending out to the very edge of the Dark Star’s very considerable magnetosphere ( which would be about 4 x the moon’s diameter across, or more). 

The combination of the bright planet, its contingent of large moons, and in particular its fiery aura would produce the ‘winged’ disk’ effect in the sky, like a mighty red celestial dragon. 

Now I don’t know about you,but when I pop outside at night to look in the direction of Elenin, I’m not seeing this at all. Frankly, that’s because Elenin is a comet, and not a very good one at that. It is clearly not an incoming Dark Star/Planet X/Nibiru object. 

Hope that helps :0)

Many thanks,

Andy Lloyd /unquote

Author and artist

My view of Elenin – the rock like asteroid

For what it’s worth a short while back I awoke from a dream that was more like a real experience than a dream in which I saw an oval rock like object, very large with lots of holes or depressions in it hurling through the sky headed for Earth. At the time, I wondered why I was seeing it. Now I understand.

Back in the USA

I am now back in California from my UK trip. My plane was slightly redirected due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland. As we left, all flights to Scotland were cancelled. More updates soon….

Meanwhile, due to travel costs I am now very low on funds and would appreciate any donations to continue this work. We have a great deal of editing and future online conferences planned but without funding I cannot continue this work.

Additional note: Awake & Aware 2011: These are the last days of the advance very low price on tickets for the conference. I highly recommend that you purchase tickets now before May 31st if you are on a low budget.