April 4, 2011

Hopi Message for Japan and the world…

Selling DVDs on our site.. using LuLu.com or other site —

thanks to all who have responded !! it looks like createspace.com is the site most people feel is the best for this purpose…

Help! I want to sell my documentary of Adam's Calendar as a DVD and also eventually make other DVDs of our work available for purchase. Many people have asked how they can purchase dvd's of our work. If anyone is able to help make this possible please contact me at kerry@projectcamelot.org (note put DVD in the subject line!)Thanks!


Gilad Atzmon… highly recommended – great musician and activist

click here for music

Palestinian Juliano Mer-Khamis Murdered in Jenin

click here for the article

Kampchuchka Volcano – And Seal on the beach

Last night I got a message that there is going to be a huge volcanic eruption with the Kambucha volcano… From what I can tell Kampchutka Volcanoes in Russia click here for map is the most likely candidate for the name I got in the dream. Anyway, a major eruption there could affect Alaska and the Pacific Northwest I believe.

And yesterday on a local beach I encountered a seal who seemed disoriented and had come up on the sand. I went right up to him and took some pictures. I suggested to him he was going the wrong way and gave him some healing energy.. and eventually he turned around and went back in to the ocean and swam away. Not sure what this was all about but I took it as a sign.. Often in the past I have been visited by animals and birds bringing psychic messages… I am still pondering this one. I believe he looked unwell..although I am no expert on telling healthy seals from unhealthy ones.