March 21, 2011

Russia calls for Halt in Bombing of Libya

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Note: last night I heard the following words “world war” and what I got was that the PTB will attempt to use this incident with Libya as an entry into world war…

More background on recent arms sales by Russia to Libya

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…’not just small arms…” (thanks to Camelot supporter for sending this!

Shades of the whole Sadam affair… This is typical. The U.S. props up a dictator for a certain period of time. Eventually the dictator gets out of hand and needs reigning in or doesn’t go along with some current agenda.. And then the U.S. and consortium of power pulls back the power of the dictator.. When he rebels and won’t play ball they step in with sanctions and plant WMDs in the country… spread rumors that the Dictator is suddenly become sadistic when he was all the time they just turned a blind eye to his behavior until he stopped obeying their lead. So now it’s time forGaddafi to go. And like Sadam he won’t go easily. Mubarak is the same thing.

At this point the arms sales over the past year have been positioning Libya for civil war if not as an aggressor nation in Africa… And now with everything set up the U.S. and allies go in for the kill.

The only question is whether this blows up to something larger. Meanwhile with the dogs of war at the door, arms sales and militaries that otherwise have nothing to do are suddenly viewed as useful and put into action. The killing machine begins to roll.

Interestingly, in this case the American people have little reason to believe this type of ploy anymore. Although no doubt there are plenty of gullible types still willing to believe that the U.S. just realized what an animal Gaddafi is… A viscious guard dog gone off his leash… Surprise surprise. They set them up then they knock them down.. And the game goes on.