March 16, 2011

Tonight on Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio my guest is Dr. John Waterman & Benjamin Fulford re situation in Japan – Updated 3-18-11

Tune in live to listen to us discuss Japan and current events Dr. John Waterman has a background in intelligence, the patriot movement and is a doctor and a naturopath At the last minute we were able to connect with Benjamin Fulford and he joined the show to share with us his perspective on the ground in Japan!. Click here to listen to the ARCHIVED show.

Back in the USA

I am now back in the USA after my trip to South Africa and Megalithomania. While I was there, I did four fascinating interviews with the following:

Hugh Newman
Antoine Gigal
Andrew Collins
Wayne Herschel

Click here to purchase the post conference stream of Megalithomania in South Africa. Now available at a reduced rate …Well worth the price. See below for a few pics from the event!

For the latest White Hat Report – click here

This is the ‘follow the money’ trail that is being methodically investigated by a group of white hats – patriots with a cause…