March 3, 2011

The Astronaut and Morse Code

The following is a bit of groundbreaking research on the part of a source who is in a position to know what is going on. If true, this could break open one of the major mysteries surrounding the astronauts and the Apollo program.

“Here is the You Tube clip of POW Jeremiah Denton eyeblinking in 1966: TORTURE

Here is a partial You Tube clip of Astronaut Neil Armstrong eyeblinking in 1969: LIE

I realize now that some people are manipulating video with computer software as subliminal messages for political purposes. However, there are only a few people who really know Morse Code today. The requirement for Morse Code knowledge went away several years ago. It would be best to be able to see the original footage of Denton and Armstrong. However, I doubt Denton and Armstrong had any idea video footage could be altered on such a small time scale.

About the only folks still using Morse Code today is the VORTAC Airport Beacons which use a unique three letter Morse Identifier for airplane navigation. These beacons are used for General Aviation navigation, although they will eventually be replaced with GPS transceivers.

Jeremiah Denton wrote about his experience in a 1976 book “When Hell Was In Session”. Until he was released in 1973, Denton did not reveal his subterfuge. Actor Hal Holbrook appeared as Denton in the 1982 movie by the same title.” — A source


Added note: I suggest those who read this download a copy of the above Youtbube videos asap to preserve this evidence– Kerry