February 15, 2011

Search for the Brown Dwarf

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Major Solar Flare

MAJOR FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have detected the strongest solar flare in more than four years. At 0156 UT on Feb. 15th, giant sunspot 1158 unleashed an X2-class eruption. X-flares are the strongest type of x-ray flare, and this is the first such eruption of new Solar Cycle 24. The explosion that produced the flare also sent a solar tsunami rippling through the sun’s atmosphere and, more importantly, hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. This raises the possibility of geomagnetic storms in the days ahead. Visit spaceweather.com for images and updates.

Thanks to Dr. Deagle for the heads up on this… and Happy Birthday to Dr. Deagle!

Attending UFO Congress Conference next week Feb 23-27

Bill Ryan and I are going to be attending this conference from Feb 23 to the 27th. We will be conducting interviews when possible and meeting people… please stop by and say hello if you are there!

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Bird/Fish/Animal deaths

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A source has said that pin holes in the magnetosphere is causing this by way of ionspheric radiation.