February 6, 2011

Bankers Received Letters Last Week re Deposit boxes

According to a source Bankers and their technical staff have received letters from the government telling them that the gov has a right to go into and confiscate contents of deposit boxes of their customers without a warrant, covering all types of items including gold, silver and documents deemed suspicious or likely to cause civil unrest or other spurious classifications. This most likely I am told falls under the vast provisions of the Patriot Act.

I have not seen any news articles about this but you can be sure that this could cause a run on the banks from safe deposit box holders — the likes of which banks have not seen, if true.

US Jams Lebanon’s Internet?

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“The An-Nahar newspaper on Saturday reported that movement of U. S. warships in the Mediterranean Sea has been disrupting the internet services in Lebanon over the past three weeks.” This is interesting… I would surmise nothing like this is happening by ‘accident’. Wha’s going on over there that they don’t want the Lebanese to put out there?? Judging from the rest of the news highlighting the demonstrations and the movement of Hezbollah the jamming may be an effort to black out the net grapevine from revealing that the people are rebelling and the U.S. may not have things going their way at the moment.

Godlike Productions taken down

I have no background info on why they took their site down other than I think someone was theatened. Why not just archive the site and close it down?

Anyone who has background info on the GLP site and why they shut it down (other than stating they were threatened) please get in touch with me. I can understand archiving it but why is it GONE from the web? Isn’t there a web memory where the entire archived site would be??

For the record, that site was known to be way out there and full of unverifiable info but in my view there’s nothing wrong with that. From what I could tell freedom of speech was alive and well on that forum. I hope they put it back up even if they no longer want to operate it.