January 9, 2011

Duncan O’Finioan Weighs in on the Gabrielle Gifford Shooting

Click here for Duncan’s excellent article reviewing the evidence of what appears to be a targeted hit on Gifford and Federal Judge Roll. As Duncan writes Loughner sounds like a classic Manchurian Candidate…This was also my intuitive take immediately on hearing the news. Former MK-Ultra super soldier, Duncan O’Finioan’s analysis is dead-on.

Click here for the Project Camelot interviews with Duncan O’Finioan

Twitter Subpoena Reveals Secret Grand Jury Investigation

Click here for Guardian.co.uk article

“The emergence of the subpoena appears to confirm for the first time the existence of a secret grand jury empanelled to investigate whether individuals associated with WikiLeaks, and Assange in particular, can be prosecuted for alleged conspiracy with Manning to steal the classified documents.” – Guardian.co.uk found on RSN

It is significant that the company Twitter was told not to reveal this inquiry to Julian Assange and the others named in the subpoena but refused to stay silent. Wikileaks is now also demanding that Facebook and Google reveal the details of any secret subpoenas they have received.

That this secret grand jury has been convened to probe into how Bradley Manning communicated with Wikileaks is revealing in demonstrating how the U.S. is employing draconian measures in the case against the military whistleblower.