December 14, 2010

WikiRebels : information warriors

These people are heroes in the war for your hearts and minds.

The release of information that has been withheld under cover of secrecy is more of an anit-war statement than any other act I can think of…. Revealing the acts of violence, of torture by governments, of murder under the cover of the operations of war in foreign countries… When actions and words are revealed in their true light and seen for what they are… an act of courage or a cloaked and devious maneuver under cover of darkness.

What is the purpose of secrecy anyway? Ultimately, information withheld gives the withholder power over others… This is the inevitable result. If you want governments or individuals to go to war all you need do is create something secret that one side has over the other and you have the basis for inequity and imbalance leading to suspicion and then possibly, violence.

We have a secret government that has been ruling by SECRECY. This is their forte' their means by which they maintain their edge and the upper hand. What is being released by Wikileaks is the tip of the iceberg. When true disclosure happens.. not by the graceful act of the state by the way…but because courageous individuals come forward as they have in Camelot for the past nearly 5 years.. and tell what they know, then the real freedom of information can redress the imbalance in our society. And the planet and her people can begin to move forward into the next millenium.

The right to know… to discover and to share. This is what growth is all about. The planet is stagnating and writhing under the weight of the few keeping secrets from the many in order to maintain their rule and power over. This is going to change. It is changing. And it cannot be stopped.

To quote Julian Assange "This disclosure is about the truth." — Assange during a press conference shown in Wikileaks: The Documentary