December 9, 2010 – Updated

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Sign PETITION TO PROTEST crackdown on Wikileaks and free speech.

Daniel Ellsberg will be appearing on the Colbert Report tonight, on the Comedy Central channel, defending WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and Bradley Manning. This will air 11:30pm EST tonight (Thursday) and at the same time across the nation (i.e., 8:30pm PST). Go here for press release.

Excerpted quote:

This important quote from Bradley Manning should be highlighted. Manning wrote: “I want people to see the truth … because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public,”…

My comment: Unless a public is equipped with the truth they cannot make the kinds of decisions necessary to plan for the future for themselves and their loved ones. This is at the crux of the need for free speech and open debate. What has happened to this country where the ideals that were once so American have now become trampled into the ground by the boots of oppression? (This is a rhetorical question for those who don't get it).

"Give me liberty or give me death. "–Patrick Henry, 1775

Vortex in Gulf of Aden

Many who follow my work will recall when I reported on the vortex/stargate there quite some time ago along with the release of information on the interview I did with Aaron McCollum link to video here.

Now the story is getting more coverage because of a supposed Wikileaks cable. Click here for more…. Note: I have not been able to verify if there is such a report or cable released as part of the Wikileaks documents.

Excerpt: "According to a report allegedly prepared by Admiral Maksimov of Russia's Northern Fleet, in late 2000, a magnetic vortex was discovered in the area of the Gulf of Aden. Russia, the PR China and the USA joined efforts to study what it was but discovered that it defied logic and the laws of physics."

Note: I am aware of the Sorcha Faal article and of the questionable quality of this source. To those who question the above, I can only say, where there's smoke there's fire. I have at least 2 back channel sources who have stressed that the stargate exists there. And the build up of the military and cordoning off of this area is also substantiated. All you need to do is ask yourself why…

Daniel Elsberg's blog

Click here…Highly recommended. Back in June, Julian Assange referred me to Daniel Elsberg as someone to contact regarding similar issues to what he was covering at Wikileaks. Elsberg's latest post title "Ellsberg: “EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time.”

A Note on China

I understand that some people in the current 'movement' are looking at China as a benevolent superpower in the spiritual and practical war for Earth sovereignty and as a replacement for the military 'might makes right' stand of the U.S. government. Until China's records regarding human rights and the treatment of their citizens improves I by no means consider them benevolent in any way. They (their government) are not to be trusted in my view any more than any other Illuminati run organization. China is simply playing a war of perceptions and laying the groundwork for the typical 'velvet glove' approach that is an Illuminati tactic from way back. Whereas, there may be good souls who want peace within the regime, their dominating approach has shown its true nature numerous times. It would be an understatement to say that freedom of speech is simply not part of the Chinese 'way'. And in this, I cite the Chinese government and secret PTB behind the scenes. I am not referring to the Chinese peoplle. Remember Tiananmen Square! Do not be deceived by the latest ploy be it black boxes or gifts of persuasion. They simply want to rule the world like any other power hungry — service to self organization.