December 8, 2010

Hackers Shut Down Mastercard site in Support of Wikileaks

Sent to me by a Camelot supporter… Thanks so much.

“Hackers shut down in defense of Wikileaks whistle blowing agenda. Taking our power back as we awaken, one secret at a time.” – Camelot Supporter

Coming soon the archived American Freedom radio show from tonight!

Great show with an update from George Green on the plans of the Illuminati and in the 2nd Hour Dimitri Khalezov explains how the lie is different at every level — the 911 frame-up of Victor Bout is all about creating a story that the higher echelon officials will buy… They have no intention says Khalezov of changing the official story they sold to the American public. This story is the higher level set of lies being crafted to deceive their 2nd in command!

Meanwhile, Victor Bout is in solitary confinement in an American prison. Being given a public defender… Come on where are all the real human rights lawyers…?? This is the case of the Century!! Let’s find this man a real lawyer. Contact me if you have a lead on a high caliber lawyer who wants to take on the PTB in the case of the Century.