November 22, 2010 – Updated

All it takes is Money…

Foundation X donor discovered to be Alan Barr

Click here for the article in the UK Mirror News… Alan Barr is apparently the man behind Foundation X mentioned in the Lord Blackheath statement reported on in this blog in Nov 6th. Lord Blackheath stated before the British House of Lords back in Jan 2010 that a secret organization called Foundation X had offered the Government £22billion with no strings attached Click here for the youtube video of his speech.



Communique 2 : from White Hat now known as “T”

Note: this communique is from a group represented by a person who calls himself “T”

Preface: In releasing these communiques it is important to state that I am not advocating or in agreement with anything this person is saying. From what I have been told, this group has good intentions for the restoration of the U.S. republic and they are on the trail of the money. I am told that their information comes from a very high level within the branches of the U.S. government. I have reason to believe this much may be true. As for how this plays out … let the chips fall. My politics are not about who runs for president. -Kerry

[“The Fallout……

Seems T’s post of last Saturday, the one that went viral on RMN [after they got it here on this blog FIRST–KC] and other sites, has been translated into 10 different languages and has been seen by heads of state all over the world. As has been earlier reported in other venues, DC is buzzing about the information disclosed and Obe wan engaged some of his cronies to run down the information in an attempt to discredit and debunk. They have reported back to him that it is………….”accurate and correct”. He is currently assembling a legal team to address the upcoming Congressional inquiries (ala Watergate?) which will turn the “traditional” impeachment filing a week or so ago into Obe’s worst nightmare in reality.

In spite of Biden’s continued arrogance and defiance, his accounts are being monitored to trace, document and identify any and all movements. This has been ongoing for the last 3 weeks.

Shortly, the new Chicago 7 will be named.

Shortly, more information will be revealed about the September 4 plane flights, occupants, agenda and results.] end

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