November 20, 2010

More on the Missile from Deagle – click here for his report on THAAD

Incoming: “More Classified Sourced Info on the CA Missile.” Apparently the missile was one of ours. I heard from Dr. Deagle on skype. The info he provided is below in italics. The evidence is mounting for the failed false flag incident… They planned to blame it on the Chinese. The failure of the software seems to be detailed below. What is clear is that this incident has not made it into the mainstream press for the most part and that since it failed it is being relegated to the conspiracy side of things. Indications are that this was handled by a portion of the military that did not have enough backing to pull it off or there was interference by an ET race who ‘neutralized’ the missile before it could do the damage intended. The details below were given by Dr. Deagle. This story is still developing and I have not yet had a chance to talk to him about what he has written below:

“[11/19/10 11:56:41 AM] Dr Bill Deagle MD: USA THAAD Theatre Air Defenes Missle
Lack of Stage 2 Separation – Serious Danger of Impact on Populated Area of Orange County or Los Angeles. Raytheon primary contractor – Blackmail of Codes for THAAD QRS11 company merged with Raytheon – Patent for QRS11 Guidance filed by Rose Law Firm – Hilary Clinton on Patent for THAAD Guidance Systems/ Failure of Software on Staging and Guidance the issue with THAAD off CA Coast.”

Some nice compilations of ufo footage sent to me by Bill Ryan along with a good overview of the Mars photos.