November 17, 2010

An Update with Dr. Bill Deagle re Missile off CA & TSA Scanners..

Click here to listen to the mp3 of my conversation this morning with Dr. Bill Deagle where we discuss the psyops being played on the American public, the possible scenarios behind the Missile off the California coast, TSA scanners and what else they may be up to.

Stop Codex – Vote today contact your Senators

Send emails/phone your senators to prevent the passage of this bill that will affect food freedom.

Click here to send a message to your senator…VOTE NO CLOTURE ON S.510!

Dead drop using USB : cyber freedom

This is a fun idea. One can imagine more clandestine methods will also proliferate if the net ever goes down or is over-regulated.

Click here for the Youtube video

Cloaking Events in Time?

You gotta love this. I would suggest that Clif High can certainly use this as an out considering his web bot predictions don’t seem to have played out at least to the degree anticipated. (No shock and awe forthcoming)… This technology for cloaking events in a space-time invisibility cloak is said to still be decades away. But as we at Camelot know, if it’s even talked about in the public sector it’s a virtual given that they are already using it on the black projects side of things. So the event aniticpated from Nov 5th to the 14th can be attributed to something hidden in space time. No problem. Perhaps the real story behind the Missile launched off the California coast is one such event.

Click here for the CNN article