November 9, 2010 – Update

Missle launched off the Calif Coast north of Catalina & Fulford warns re possible nuke on San Andreas fault could trigger EQ

We heard about the missile being launched yesterday afternoon… What is really going on is anyone’s guess. The Navyis not talking except to act like they haven’t a clue. Vandenburg airforce base is nearby and they launch satellites into orbit periodically from there I hear. Here’s a video of the missle.

And in a not necessarily unrelated event Benjamin Fulford announces that a nuke is set up to trigger the San Andreas fault somewhere near Southern Calfiornia. Click here for his announcement.

This morning I saw 4 WWI planes that look like this flying north along the coast north of Zuma. Not sure if they are in a time warp or related to the missle launch. We also saw a large military helicopter troop carrier headed south along the coast. But that is not so unusual these days.

The trouble is, that wild announcements have been made by many parties and in the past, nothing happened, or at least nothing of the magnitufe predicted. It remains to be seen if this is an idle threat or a reality of some kind.

Personally I do not see this happening at this time. At some point the San Andreas will go off in the Southern California area (where i live)… I have “seen” it. I just don’t get that it’s right now.

As far as the missle is concerned, I haven’t heard anything yet that reveals what is going on there. Feel free to contact me if you think you know what’s up with that or any of the above.


***from an undisclosed source I got the following message:

So first there is the Fulford thing, then a PULSE goes THROUGH THE ENTIRE PLANETcausing 3.5 tremors WORLD-WIDE. About a week ago a NUKE EXPLODED in an underground silo in INDIA. OBAMA shows up in INDIA with a bunch of WAR SHIPS, then someone fires a MISSiILE [..north of Catalina…]. THEN, they launch an X-37 shuttle out of Area 51 and another space shuttle out of LUKE AFB in AZ. All about the same time!

I call some INSIDER TYPES and they lose their mind …about how there is a LEAK and this needs to be CONTAINED and all this info CANNOT BE LET OUT!!

(Some details removed to protect the source)