October 31, 2010

Methane Hydrate & BP?

From an unnamed source:

“BP is METHANE HYDRATE MINING in the Gulf of Mexico. Methane Hydrate is explosive. Methane Hydrate Crystals can resemble smoking lava rocks…if they land on anything, they can burn…extremely flammable. bp is mining the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. During mining they strip the floor and create dead zones to all sea life, coral life. Methane also sucks the oxygen out of the water…perhaps reason for all of the fish kills washing ashore. Large Methane measures can also sink boats/ships. bp is not only doing their methane hydrate mining in the Gulf of Mexico but up and down East Coast of US and all over the world. Possible reason for bp spraying millions of gallons of corexit and other chemicals over the Gulf of Mexico is to keep the “fire explosion possibility” low. METHANE HYDRATE is the “new” energy source. bp and gov’t has not been telling us the truth. Plz spread the word and study “Methane Hydrate”. PEACE”

UFO Highway – Book by Anthony Sanchez

We are currently reviewing this new book by Anthony Sanchez and plan to interview him very soon. In the meantime, please support his work and go here to purchase his ebook. Although the information is not verifiable at this time, I encourage you to review the testimony provided by his whistleblower, the Colonel, and decide for yourself what resonates and what does not.