August 23, 2010

According to a well placed source Matt Simmons was telling the truth in regard to his statements about the second leak and the way BP stalled initially and was allowing thousands of gallons to flood the Gulf. This reaks of an Illuminati ritual kill — apparently Simmons had at least a few of the real missing pieces in this plot. Word from a source is, that he still didn’t have all of the whole low-down on what is going on with this spill and why. The info I am getting continues to state that this area called the Mississippi Canyon is unstable and has been known to be so for over 5 years prior to the ‘explosion’.

The oil is not disappearing…see this Wall St. Journal article. Here is the video news spot:


In a similar story apparently China is now dealing with an oil spill — however using oil eating bacgteria from a Chinese company… business is improving no doubt.

The real issue is still what is really going on on the seabed where as mentioned by a very knowledgeable source told me back in June, “the seabed is cracking”. Volcanism under the sea appears to be the culprit and the renewed volcanism around the globe (in the ring of fire) is all part of this. Triggered from the sun and the sun then being impacted by an incoming wave of either magnetic particles or something far larger is currently still unclear.

However, in a conversation today with John Waterman, we were told to pick up a recent copy of Foreign Affairs Magazine at the local bookstore and look at the graphic in the inside cover. What is depicted there is a fire-breathing Lion encircling our Earth — a Lion with 6 legs. This symbolizes the return of a branch of ETs who are now, he said, running things from off-world but in close contact, perhaps even, say, in a large craft in orbit around our planet. The 6 legs indicates, he says the creature is “not of the Earth”…