August 20, 2010

Today Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair was my guest on Whistleblower Radio. Audio to be available soon. His premise is that Atlantis was centered in the area of the Mediterranean with the center of that empire having been in Malta. His research is based on Burrows Stone Tablets written in what is known as proto-sanskrit as well as the Sumerian tablets and other sources, to which he dedicated 25 years of his life. Although his German accent is fairly strong I encourage you to listen to what he has to say. 

In my view, not all of what he has concluded can be substantiated yet it is important to begin to compare and contrast various views and research being done into our real history. Interestingly, when I began questioning him toward the end about the starships he maintains are still orbiting the Earth, the Moon and Saturn to this day… my audio was interrupted. This broadcase should be available shortly although his answers in this regard may not. Suffice to say he believes he and his fellow researchers spotted these craft during 2003 to 2005. One could acknowledge such craft exist however, it might be a stretch to suggest they are inhabited by the race he calls Niburuans. This race of beings he believes created mankind and are in battle for the Earth with a branch of their group who he says inhabit the 4th dimension and who are known as the Anunnaki although he calls them by another name.


After spending the week filming a joint project, I attended the last 2 days of the Ashayana Deane conference in Phoenix and met many Camelot followers there. Unfortunately I missed the first day of information but I hope to catch up on this shortly. Suffice to say the techniques used for activating DNA and connecting with the higher self are excellent. The information(not the techniques) is largely explored in my interview with Ashayana. That will at least provide a very good basis for further exploration of her work.

I do think that one can gain a picture of the history of humanity, the many inhabitants of the multi-verses, the location and wars over stargates etc. from this work. There is still, however, a great need to make all of this more accessible because it is the only source that seems to be accessing this very big picture. And I do hope we might assist further in this effort.

What becomes obvious when reviewing the many differing stories from all sources about our history, our genetic predecessors and where this is all leading is extremely convoluted. Keeping humanity dumbed down in this regard plays a large role in maintaining the control over us as we move into the shift. I consider breaking down the walls of ignorance a vital mission for each of us at this crucial time.