July 7, 2010

Letter from an Australian Source

The folllowing is unclear but the source is well-placed and has a good handle on the world situation so I am posting this email without editing except where necessary to protect their identity:

[Hey There,

I haven’t been on deck for a little while now, I hope things will change shortly,

I don’t know how much you are in the loop on what’s happening in the Gulf Of Mexico, lately,

Unfortunately there may have been quite a bit of military activity afoot over the last week or ten days, or so.

The major naval powers both friend and foe, have been positioning themselves in unusual ways.

It appears about, some say up to 10%, probably more likely 5%, of the world’s submarines along with other naval and air assets, are having a get together, or more likely some sort of orchestrated show down!

The US has been granted permission to, ‘park’, nearly four dozen warships in Costa Rica with resources for up to 200 helicopters, several fixed wing aircraft and similar, and about 7000 marines to keep everyone there, comfy.

How interesting, probably trying to get rid of those, pesky drug runners, etc, what do you think?

There has been reportedly, serious live fire between old friends and foes alike, who is on whose side?

I rarely email my thoughts or commentary, but in this case, its probably very important to do so!

So Here Goes,

Here’s some random thought/s, you may choose to consider, or not, either way, make yourself very aware of this unfolding dilemma.

Do not wait to the last moment to move or encourage love ones or dear friends to remain around the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico, regardless of which country they live in, particularly America! ( That includes up the east coast as well, for at least 5-600 miles from southern Florida, and down to below Panama as well, at this stage of affairs, it could get very worse, very quickly, better to be safe than sorry, take a holiday, somewhere quiet, ELSEWHERE!!!)

Remember the first X Files movie, where a once dormant bacterium / life form is found under the ground in Texas, through a newly ‘formed’ sink hole, which can or could mutate, ( which ever the case maybe), once it has gained a host, into a new intelligent life form?

Transmuting its molecular makeup the same as the Au197-198 ( Organically forming Gold and in all likelihood some sort of organic radioactive material as well?), supposedly forming through the processes associated with some sort of exotic blue – green algae or similar, released from the floor or under the Gulf of Mexico, just another coincidence,aye, here we go again!

It was claimed, in the movie that, it / they, were the original life form/s of this planet going back hundreds or millions or possibly billions of years, I wonder, how coincidental, aye?

And then there is Lake Vostock, in the Antarctica, where recently there was a very mysterious outbreak; when the Russian expedition that’s down there, finally broke through the 12-25 million year old ice ‘seals’, I wonder?

Over 30 very sick people, secretly trans-shipped out, via a base on New Zealand’s South Island, another unexplained set of mysterious diseases and circumstances.

All of these circumstances, on the surface are unassociated events, that occurred over recent years, that create, ‘a pattern of behaviour’, and it appears to always be around; bacteria / viruses, hydrocarbons, oily things and geo / magnetic anomalies, etc, how amazing?

Finally think of the uplifting also occurring on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, quite significant by any ones standards ( sometimes involving hundreds or maybe thousands of uplifting metres, but who cares, nobody can see it, right?), as well as the uplifting occurring off Spain, the Azores and closer to Australia, around some of the island groups in the Pacific.

These patterns are unfolding everywhere around the planet…

More things / events, I fear are still yet to unfold, in time, off South West Spain and out into the Atlantic, with ripple effects further down into the Mid / South Atlantic, off both sides of South America, Pacific side too, and into the Mediterranean, itself influenced possibly by destabilising energies occurring off Iran and the Gulf of Aden / Arabian Sea.

Other organised groups or parties may be objecting to encroaching on, ‘their patch’, maybe they would like to assist us in our weather improvement programme ( maybe not for our collective benefit), who knows!

In all this, there seems to be a very, very outside chance, it has been suggested to me that there could in fact, be a Coup D’ Etat, in America, if the worst does occur with this massive unfolding tragedy in the Gulf.

I am advised that the Coast Guard will support the heads of the Navy, the heads of the Air force, at present are undecided, the Army heads may be resisting any suggestions of such an action and accordingly, if no consensus can be reached, all untasked elements of both the Army and the Marines, with various compositions of National Units also, may be deployed to actionable areas around the various active theatres of the planet, to keep them pre- occupied and out of the way, ( leaves specially trained assets / business groups, private organisations, that will look after things at home, and of course the good old United Nations will probably want to help out, but who knows?

Let’s hope the guys with the “auto correct technology”, are once again interested in helping us all out, one more time, fingers crossed, here’s hoping all over again. ] end

Anyone reading this who lives in the Gulf may well consider relocating. The above is info is very reliable in my view.