June 3

Going to South Africa – donations welcome

I am going to South Africa around June 18th for 10 days… the flight is costly so any donations are welcome. I will be filming the ruins on the Solstice and Michael Tellinger and covering as much as possible with the equipment I have…

Evacution planned for Tampa Bay, Florida?

It’s not completely clear yet but the following items are coming through from sources:

1. News articles on possible evacuation of Tampa Bay (plans) – This is interesting since before the spill, someone sent me google maps views of UN vans sitting on a hidden airstrip in Florida… rows and rows of white vans just sitting there…. maybe 4000. What did they know and when did they know it?

2. Just received this:   from a source UNCONFIRMED.:   […”via ________ a mate: I listened to a Louisiana radio broadcast this morning, with professional service personnel and they were saying that several, police, and home guard had resigned packed up their families and headed north as they had received planning instructions that on a date between the 15th and 20th of June there are mass evacuations of all … UN people transporter vehicles in total 100’s of thousands, I’ve seen the google sat shots it’s real. Just don’t go.”] — Unconfirmed.

Myself and at least two other people I know were having EQ symptoms and for myself, a feeling I can best describe as seasickness on land… things are better today.