May 21

Coming next week: an audio interview with Michael Tellinger

I am very pleased to announce I will be doing an audio interview with Michael Tellinger on Monday. This interview will cover an update on his work with Johan Heine at Adam's Calendar and the Makomati Ruins in South Africa. His book Slave Species of God, deals with the genetic engineering of humans and the Annunaki.

Project Camelot YouTube Account Issue

The real reason Bill no longer has access to the Youtube account…is that he insists on using music on his videos that is copyrighted. This is the real and only reason. I established this account as a Director on Youtube in the early days of Youtube. Use of copyrighted music and images is illegal and would result in being dropped as a director and we would lose the ability to post videos longer than 10mins in length.

Letter from the Oil Fields of Oklahoma

I received the folllowing letter confirmation of the info on my May 20 post from a person who wishes to remain anonymous:



I worked for my uncle in the oil/gas fields in the corner of Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas during high school and college. 

He had an oil field hauling company. Basically, he had specialized trucks which moved the rigs from site to site–taking them down and setting them up.

What few 'color' videos I have seen on this well do seem to support, at least to some degree, the statements of the commentator on the film you reference in your blog.

Even in black and white it is clear allot of gas is coming out. In color, it appears that gas as well as sulfur are coming out. Several other statements about them not vacuuming up oil for later processing as they did around Saudi Arabia does make one suspicious.

I looked at several films, but I believe it was in the one you reference that he spoke of how thick oil was and that it was not fluid, but a very thick substance needing heat to flow freely. This is definitely not true! It may be of some oils, but none that I have ever seen.

I also worked with U. S. Customs in Galveston, Texas (among other locations). We had to supervise the discharge of various petro-chemical tankers in Texas City, Texas. I have seen plenty of crude and all of it was very fluid. 

In any event, it appears that those in charge are deliberately not taking any serious steps to stop the disaster. 

It looks like the powers-that-be finally have their solution to cull the herd without any finger pointing at them as we might have in other circumstances. After all, this is just an unfortunate act of nature.

Not sure I have been of any assistance, but I think the commentator on the referenced video had a number of VALID points.


Watch the Kemner video to learn more….just below here.