May 12 – Update

An update on Giza

I received the following information from my source who calls himself "KM or Kid Maste"r. If true the implications are important:

This is an update of the GIZA info. I just met with my contact and we discussed recent events while i showed him the Giza Geomatrix website. He has corroborated that the information on said website is in fact similar to his intel. In fact, he joked about how similar it was to his training in the service. Anyway the basic story is that during the Apr 23rd incident when we had "anamolous" weather as was reported by that night when we were supposed to have had clear skies, someone may have entered the Chamber of the Sun and started some kind of charge. This was supposed to have tilted our axis a few miles off. I asked specifically how far, he didn't know but there should be a noticable difference in star maps etc. This would have been the second time the U.S government was reading a heat signature from the apex of the pyramid that is supposedly made of a material called STERN alloy. I have yet to find any information on it, but he told me it is not a metal of this planet.

What i do know is that the military doesnt know how the device works and does not want to damage the device or anyone else to damage the device. In face some excavaters recently dug into something of a sand trap while searching thru some of the ruins and they have decided they dont want anyone to continue digging unless they know they wont trigger some kind of trap.or intended diversion. But there is quite a lot of digging happening there now and there are 3 governments involved, one that he did not name the other 2, of course, US and Egypt.

Some other tidbits of info is that from what he was told, only 2 of the pyramids work and there is one of which is 72 stories in depth as it is an upside down pyramid that was built in spain. He says there are several unknowns as well…


Further Explanation regarding the Peter Sterling video

The recent release of the video interview with Peter Sterling is raising a lot of questions. This is a good thing. Please Click Here to see my Further Explanation for the release of this video and some of the basis for why we do what we do at Project Camelot.