April 24

On Germany and banning of videos

I am getting many emails from Germany regarding the Bob Dean and Michael Schratt videos… People are saying they are getting "this video unavailable in your country"…! Please if you get this YouTube message on the videos just go to the page and download the mp4 or .mov files onto your computers. That should work. Any further troubles email our webmaster@projectcamelotportal.com (Tommy) and let him know.

Feel free to let us know if this access changes. Important info for people living in Germany regarding the demise of free speech. My two recent releases must contain important elements of truth the government doesn't want the German people to know about..

On Poland

In the meantime, I have gotten validation from a couple of sources that my post of April 16th on the Polish crash of the Air Force jet tu 154 is right on… The video circulating from the crash site where you hear gun shots further emphasizes the situation. Dark dealings going on in Poland and Russia. 

As some may remember Camelot went to Poland not that long ago… last Fall and filmed a video interview with Igor Witkowski. Bill is working on this footage… there have been troubles from what I understand of failed disks and uploading issues. It is a very dark subject but revealing of how deep the Nazi mentality and ways permeated into Poland.

During that trip we met a number of Polish people, and I was very impressed with their staunch pride and courage in the face of great adversity. Life in Poland is not easy and the Polish people are evidence of the transcendence of the human spirit against all odds.