We were privileged to be guests there for a couple of days during the filming of this fascinating interview. Laura is a brilliant researcher into the nature of consciousness, the matrix and the underlying psychology of pathology. In addition, she has created a unique approach that she calls “critical channeling” to a recurring telepathic contact with an ET group who call themselves the Cassiopaeans who said to her “we are you in the future.”

Using a Ouija board (also known as a spirit board) and a small group of people, she made contact and then in a series of controlled experiments verified the level of material she was receiving (whether her source could be trusted) by asking questions then researching the answers and checking on the veracity and intention of the source in predicting future events… In touch with this source for roughly 16 years, she and a small group of people have accumulated a vast amount of information. She has never stopped questioning or researching what she is getting.

Laura’s intelligence is tenacious and uncompromising. Her inquiry into the supernatural, past lives, and the unknown has taken her down many roads. Along the way, she became a hypnotist, an exorcist and a highly perceptive chronicler of what it means to be human.

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