Back in October of 2009 we received an email from someone who called herself Heather Anderson. She wrote …”I wish not to be named and heather is what you will call me for now…” She was on the run from a black project that was a spin-off of Project Talent. She had been working with top scientists building human looking robots based on the Duncan O’Finioan prototype… Apparently they had gotten so far along, that they were sending these robots, with some success through portals into other dimensions. Whether or not Ben’s story and consequently Heather’s, is the truth or a complete fabrication to this day is unknown. What we do know, is that many of our whistleblower testimonies seem to validate that such programs exist. This audio interview along with the 17 page .pdf file is a tantalizing look into a project so secret that even our whistleblowers have warned us against even talking about it. Go to for more information….
Kerry Cassidy
April 7, 2010
Project Camelot Productions