March 9, 2010

We are going LIVE with this new site today and the Portal. Should be fun to hear the reactions out there. Feel free to email your comments to

My first release is the Letter from A Whistleblower. Once everyone sees the depth of experience that also involves ETs and not just the Illuminati agenda — they may have a different view of what is possible. This is why it's so important for whistleblowers to put their experience in their own words, at least initially.

This is no way is a criticism of Bill's video commentary or the interview he did with this source originally. Aside from the music copyright issue which is a very real one, I applaud Bill's efforts to speak his mind and give some context to the harsher aspects of this whistleblower's testimony. But as you will see, nothing can replace getting the information directly from the source. I have also requested an interview with this source in order to go into more detail on the areas not covered in the first interview. That will happen sometime in the near future.


There may be some confusion over the new arrangement with regard to Donations. Because Bill and I are on different continents and are now conducting our own investigations into areas of special interest, Camelot should as an overall endeavor benefit from our diversification… And separating the donations becomes more important otherwise we have a bookkeeping nightmare on our hands and no one has the time or inclination to deal with that. Establishing a clear cut line between the financial side of things will help to make sure the money goes where it is intended to go without the problem of deciding which endeavor gets what amount of money and so on…

That being said, I am due to fly to Florida at the end of March to interview Ashayana Deane(aka Anna Hayes) from Azurite Press and so any donations toward this cause will be greatly appreciated.