TOTAL RECALL - My interview with Captain Mark Richards

New Video Release!   CLICK HERE TO VIEW... This is an interview with Captain Mark Richards conducted at Vacaville Prison on November 2, 2013. This is the first time in the over 30 years of his incarceration, that any journalist has...

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Bundy Ranch Showdown Over States Rights …

Bundy Ranch Showdown Over States Rights and Chinese Encroachment

American Spring? This reminds me of a book I read recenlty about the hidden resistance in the south of France during WWII.. when Hitler invaded France but many...

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20 Freescale Semiconductor Employees - W…

20 Freescale Semiconductor Employees - What were they doing? Who benefits?  Updated

Note:  Scroll down for the Addendum section FOR THE UPDATE. I was sitting around chatting with a friend and discussing the unlikely event that is the disappearance of...

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ABEL DANGER :  Broadcast with Field McConnell re Flight 370

UPDATED:  THIS BROACAST IS NOW COMPLETE AND AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON YOUTUBE:   This was originally broadcast live on Camelot Livestream Channel.  An interview with Abel Danger:  Field McConnell...

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Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Le…

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid

Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - Audio interview This groundbreaking interview covers Anthony's investigation on the Archuleta Mesa where he contacted a nerve agent that has caused facial paralysis and then links to Project Leonid a top secret SKYNET...

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A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics

A'shayana Deane - Ascension Mechanics

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Anglo-Saxon Mission Letter: Timeline

Anglo-Saxon Mission Letter: Timeline

The Anglo Saxon Mission - The Timeline - Letter from a Whistleblower... Los Angeles, March 2010 | .pdf | Reprinted below is a copy of a letter sent to Kerry Cassidy for publication in order to provide a more comprehensive view of...

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Adam's Calendar Documentary

Adam's Calendar Documentary

Adam's Calendar & The Stone Circles of South Africa takes the viewer on a journey of discovery into our ancient past. Join Michael Tellinger and I, as we journey to one of the most important ancient sites on the planet...

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Aaron McCollum : Gulf of Aden Project Seagate

Los Angeles, January 2010 Aaron McCollum is a very bright straight-shooter  who is coming forward at this time to raise  awareness regarding what he believes is going on in the Gulf of Aden. He considers himself to be a "third generation member of...

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Little Alien Book - Updated

Little Alien Book - Updated

For what its worth...  Disclosure by any other name. This Alien Races Book was published on Veterans Today by Gordon Duff.  It has also been published on YouTube by Dante Santori.  He is a former special forces man who found...

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A Special Report by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot BLACK PROJECTS : FOLLOW THE MONEY BLACK_PROJECTS_FOLLOW_THE_MONEY.pdf The Truth Behind the Matrix Note:  the following report was written to accompany White Hat Report #48 which has as of this date been delayed and may...

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February 28, 2012 HUMANITY GET OFF YOUR KNEES  If humanity is so quick to allow other races of beings to take over, run things and tell them what is and is not true this becomes hugely problematic.  Think of it this way...

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January 29, 2012 A CALL-OUT TO ALL NAVY SEALS AND CURRENT AND EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL If you are outraged by my interview with Bill Brockbrader and you don't believe he was a Navy SEAL, I invite you to turn your analysis in the...

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December 18, 2010 WELCOMING THE HEROES IN OUR MIDST The recent incidents surrounding Wikileaks and the emergence of its founder, Julian Assange as a media personality has caught many by surprise. And what I find so interesting is how various people, critics...

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EVERYONE WANTS TO BE CAMELOT (Disclosure this way comes...)

  • Written by Kerry Cassidy
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In some ways it's a dream come true. Finally, it begins to look like there are people out there who are realizing that 'getting the truth out' is the name of the game and that the Camelot example is worth following...

Doing interviews and radio shows and leaping on that bandwagon had been going on for a while. But this new wave, in some ways being led by Gordon Duff by way of his Adamus Group, is publishing article after article disclosing truth... even with regard to the ET presence and interaction with our government and believe it or not, time travel.

click here for the latest one

click here for the one before that

For those who didn't hear my recent radio show with Mike Harris (linked here), Mike, a radio show host from Republic Broadcasting, is a contributor to Veteran's Today and a friend of Gordon Duff, the senior editor. And an announcement was made not long ago by Duff on Veteran's Today that Mike was tapped to join his "Adamus Group" a group which is "quaisi governmental" read agency backed.

On this radio show I am asking hard questions and giving Mike, who is a friend :-) a hard time by asking him things like "where do they get their funding"... and what is their purpose/intention etc. And you will hear him state he doesn't know yet, he just joined etc etc. And eventually he says well they are a group that wants to out the "new technologies" and of course I recommend they go to my Blue website, a Camelot spin-off site headed by Matt Pulver because they will be interested in seeing we are also doing this... lol.

But at the very end you will hear me taking him to task (so-to-speak) to get him to recognize that we all don't need another "study group" that's trying to reinvent the wheel... Noooo what we need, is for those individuals such as the apparently highly ranked ex-military guys who are part of this group and can be found around the world, to STEP UP and talk to their co-workers and peers in the military black ops that they rub shoulders with and have for eons, and get them to TELL WHAT THEY KNOW to the people. Hello? This is the real task at hand. This is what those Adamus guys need to do. That's the real order of business and what the WORLD NEEDS NOW... is not love love love,... it's truth, truth, truth and for that matter telling the truth is actually the truest kind of love.

With that said, what is now apparently happening is with Gordon Duff as the point guy Veteran's Today is now disclosing on a pretty regular basis. And what has come to me is that the word is coming down from somewhere up on high that the ex-military who are its prime readership, have a RIGHT TO KNOW.. and its time to clue them in. Finally. Well congrats. Go for it.

The other thing I am hearing out on the grapevine is that the White Hats ( are about to do the same thing... from their own insider connections. What used to be a drip drip drip from Project Camelot out there in the wilderness is about to become an avalanche... well hopefully... at least a steady stream :-)

Bottom line what do you need to do about it. One thing. Very simple but very potent. Simply tweet this all around the world "Have you got your ticket yet?" That's it... Just Tweet and Facebook and get that short phrase out there... because as Camelot followers all know, the ticket being referred to is your ticket that gets you into an underground base in the event of a solar flare, meltdown or whatever item from the smorgasboard of disaster scenarios (hah and including alien invasion!!!) or what have you.

Never mind that they are already here.. Listen to my Norm Bergrun interview.. more are coming. Big Question: are they good guys or bad guys? This sh--t matters.

But the reason for doing this is to get a foothold in the mainstream media... And maybe just maybe one of those yahoos... I mean journalists will pick it up ...  And ask say some presidentilal candidate during a press conference "Have you got your ticket yet?"  and see their face turn white or red or what have you...depending on 1. whether they indeed have a ticket  and 2.  whether they are in the know.. in which case if they know but they don't have one, well.... Maybe its time for them to put some thought into changing sides... Just sayin.

In fact, why don't you ask Alex Jones... That's as good a place as any to start.  Ask him if he has his 'ticket"...And then ask Drudge from Drudge Report... and let's see where this all goes.

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